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[ Linus ]:2014-01-09 - 13:22:59

Hey im a 17 year old boy from Stockholm. I am looking for Japanese speakers in Stockholm or in Japan to talk to or perhaps meet up with. I am very interested in the japanese language and culture and would very much like to know someone from Japan. I like video games, metal, movies and coffee. Mail me or add me on skype!

Skype: Linus.Hemlig

[ ]:2014-01-07 - 08:51:21

[ Viktoria ]:2013-12-06 - 12:29:03

Hello everyone! :)
I just wanted to recommend a webpage to you all!
It's called and it's a website where you write a blog in the language you want to learn. Then native speakers correct your texts ^-^ It's a really nice way to find new friends and to learn things about the language and the country you want to learn about :) Hope it's helpful! If anyone wants to be friends my e-mail is also:

[ Kacha ]:2013-11-17 - 05:14:33

I'm Kacha of caures I'm Japanese
Recently I listened ニッケルはルパ
I wanna know about Sweden and study Swedish
Please help me;)
My Swedish friends come to Japan
Next year
So I wanna give her some surprise
I will speak to her in Swedish
Easy conversation I need;)
Please help me
My skype:kanaanna
So please contact me

[ PLS READ!! ]:2013-11-12 - 11:03:51

You have to write your EMAIL in the end of your message!
The E-post box DO NOT WORK!
pls have this in mind :)

[ Daniel ]:2013-11-08 - 05:55:05


[ Kazu-Rupert ]:2013-11-04 - 20:04:33

Hi, I'm Kazu from Kyoto, Japan.
I am so interested in Sweden.
History,language,music,pop culture,city life, business, economy, religion, social care, politics...
I love to learn from you and I can tell you about my country Japan.

Kazuteru Shimizu
1993/07/21 male Kyoto Japan
working as a counselor and president of an associtiaton which for youth.
Lived in Toronto & Novascotia Canada.

My hobby is to draw manga and sing
classics, and more (too much to write haha)

Anybody who are interested in, please contact me by email.

Thank you.

[ Semi ]:2013-11-01 - 09:51:44


I'm a 24 year old Swedish male going to Tokyo for shogatsu. I don't really know anyone there, so if somebody would want to meet up and hang out that would be fun!

Please let me know if you are intrested!


Have a nice day!

[ to ]:2013-10-16 - 11:02:31

I'm 35 years old woman, currently living in Karlstad, Sweden. I'm planning to stay in here till after christmas. I have some free time, but I don't have any swedish friends here ;( So, I thought it's nice if I could meet someone.Tack for reading!
Here is my address,

[ min ]:2013-10-08 - 16:09:23

hej!! jag bor i Sverige nu
Jag vill träna för att bli lärare på japanska jag kan lära dig japanska!!
Vänligen meddelande om du är intresserad!!!tack vi hör

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