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[ スー ]:2014-10-17 - 12:29:13


[ Hitoshi Fukamachi ]:2014-10-08 - 10:37:27

My name is Hitoshi, live in Yokohama. My son, David, age of 30, is an actor at Backa Theater in Goteborg. We comunicate with English. My son studied Japanise for one year in Japan. Now, I want to learn swedish speaking, and looking for a swedish person, any age who teach me speaking swedish. I am just a beginner!!!
If you are kind enough, please let me know by e-mail.

[ Markus ]:2014-10-01 - 03:19:09

My Japanese skills isn't that great but working on it, I try my best so if you don't mind let's be friends :D and have fun just getting to know each other. I live in sthlm and speak eng/swedish. Send me a message on facebook if you want :)

[ Stockholm_79 ]:2014-09-20 - 00:14:23

Ps. Fast även svenkor är inte direkt kända för att vara supersociala, majoriteten iaf;)

[ Stockholm_79 ]:2014-09-13 - 13:16:21

Japanskor e inte direkt kända för att vara dem supersocialste tjejerna i världen, majoriteten iaf;)

[ Jeshika ]:2014-09-12 - 12:25:57

Hi ya'll,

I'm reaching out to all the beautiful LADIES in here (although I'm not lesbian)!

I've been in Japan for a bit now but just arrived to Tokyo 2 weeks ago, and been on my own for 1 week. I seem to have no problem making male friends, but where are all you girls?! For different reasons it seems so hard to find you! Not that I mind you boys at all, it's just sometimes nice to have someone to chat with about your girly issues, y'know? ;) And go have a coffee without wondering if it is a date *cough cough*..

I'm still here for another 1,5 month so if you feel the same way, get in touch! Swedish or Japanese, doesn't matter, but please be aware I don't speak that much Japanese (gomennasai)!

Send me a mail at and we can connect on Facebook? ^^

PS. I'm 25 years old (and obviously, female), if that matters to you. I live nearby Harajuku. Hope to speak to you guys! Mwwnyaahh~! <3

[ U ]:2014-08-26 - 08:01:08

I'm 21years Japanese female.
I live in Tokyo!!

I really like to travel!!!
I plan to go Sweden !!!
So I want to know about Sweden more!!!

If you help me, I'm glad!!!
And if you interest in Japan,sent message too!!

Thank you!!
I wait your message!!!

Have a nice day:)

[ Rea lover ]:2014-08-11 - 01:19:11


Jag är en japansk kvinna som bor i japan.
Någon som är intresserad av språkutbyte (svenska-japanska) med mig? Jag kan prata svenska just lite men jag kan prata japanska och engelska.

Jag har Skype.
Låt mig veta ditt Skype ID eller e-postadress:)

Tack och hej då!

[ K ]:2014-07-29 - 04:11:44

I am Japanese students.
I want to go on a trip to Sweden a few years later.
So I'd love to talk with the Swedes.
And I want to exchange language of English and Japanese.
I can speak English a little bit.


[ Sachiyo ]:2014-07-16 - 07:33:07

Hi, I currently live in a big house in Gothenburg with my family. I am looking for someone who can share this house with us. I am Japanese and my husband is Swedish and we have 2 kids (One is 4 years old and the other one is 8 months old). We will offer you a room and a private bathroom with shared kitchen and TV room and etc. If you are interested plaese send me an email to then I will get back to you asap.

Best regards,

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